Graham Higson, MSc Executive Director

Graham Higson has spent over 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry and, since January 2014, is Managing Director and owner of GCH Pharma Consulting Ltd, specialising in the provision of strategic regulatory advice, drug development, regulatory outsourcing, and organizational development. He is also a member of the NDA Regulatory Advisory Board, comprising former senior European regulators and industry experts. Read more >>

Board of Directors

Enda Connolly, BA

Enda Connolly has held leadership roles in Economic Development, Science, and Innovation in Ireland for over 35 years. As Chief Executive of the Health Research Board, he led a team of seventy skilled professionals implementing a new business strategy that repositioned Irish health research by introducing innovative funding initiatives which place the emphasis on patient-orientated research and its application... Read more >>

John Hegarty, PhD, DSc

John Hegarty has over 40 years of experience in research, education, and university leadership in Ireland and the US. He was President/Provost of Trinity College Dublin from 2001 to 2011 at a time of significant transformation of research and organizational structure. He was Professor of Laser Physics at Trinity from 1986. Previously, he spent 10 years in the US carrying out research in... Read more >>

Caitriona O’Driscoll, PhD, BSc Pharm

Caitriona O’Driscoll is a Pharmacist, and Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy in University College Cork (UCC). She completed her PhD studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and undertook a sabbatical in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas, USA. She was a senior lecturer in the School of Pharmacy at TCD prior to her appointment to UCC... Read more >>

Mary Teeling, MD Pharm

Mary Teeling is a specialist pharmaceutical physician with over 30 years’ experience in the areas of pharmacology and pharmaceutical medicine. She developed the Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2004, while working in Trinity College Dublin, and was course director up until 2018. As assistant professor in the School of Medicine in Trinity College Dublin, her... Read more >>

Joseph Scheeren, PharmD

Joseph Scheeren, PharmD, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Critical Path Institute, an Arizona based nonprofit (501(c)(3)). Scheeren leads the Institute in its mission to catalyze the development of new tools to advance medical product innovation and regulatory science. C-Path establishes and leads teams that share data, knowledge and expertise resulting in sound, consensus-based science. Scheeren assumed the role of President and CEO in April 2019. Read more >>